Bipolar Sunshine Ritz Review – Friday 17th April

Bipolar Sunshine.

They are becoming a band where you just have to mention their name and the applaud beings to start.

From attending their first EP launch of Aesthetics’ in Soup Kitchen Manchester of June 2013, to attending their final tour date at The Ritz, Manchester on Friday 17th April;  It is clear to see how far they have come in a short space of time.

To see Adio smile, in awe, with his bandmates Jazzpurple, Woody Karma and Adam Prendergast was a beautiful moment to witness and be a part of their musical journey.

Applauds and echoes of their song lyrics filled the room throughout the whole set. Performing hit after hit including Drowning Butterfiles, Fire, Deckchairs On The Moon, Where Did The Love Go, Mad World Cover and Daydreamer, they had the audience in the palm of their hands but in such a humble and pure way.

Beautifully finished off with the vibe and message: Love More and Worry Less.They left the place buzzing and with a memory of brilliant live music.

Thankyou for the vibes. Until next time!


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