Girl Shaped Love Drug – Homecoming Screening

Girl Shaped Love Drug – Three Coincidences, Two Souls, One Day.

Ever since Saturday 6th October 2012 I’ve been itching to see this stunning film again and again. Girl Shaped Love Drug’s World Premier was screened as part of Manchester’s first Great Manchester Film Festival which went down an absolute storm and is easily one of my favourite memories.

Girl Shaped Love Drug has gone from strength to strength receiving awards and consistent positive recognition and feedback from audiences all over the world.

Only known to the audience as ‘him’ and ‘her’ the story of three coincidences surrounding two souls in just one day strikes deep within your minds through the excellent acting and production. From the very first second to the very last pixel, I was hooked. Laughing, smiling, reminiscing along the way as I watched a story of serendipity unfold before me.

Set in Manchester and shot in black and white this modern-day love story uses minimum cast and minimal locations yet the impact is has and the feel it gives you as a viewer is second to none.

The beautifully written script allows you to engage in the dialogue and warm to the actors when their moments of emotion are shown sometimes with only music heard.

Every frame is a photographers dream and every single detail expressed through the actors, dialogue, locations and music all come together and have created a beautiful piece of art which deserves all the praise and recognition it gets.

Simply an amazing, gripping, witty, warm, stunning, inspirational piece of film. It left me feeling full of happiness and positivity and without a doubt will always be a film I’ll never get tired of watching and equally a favourite of mine.

A massive well done, congratulations and thank you to everyone involved.

I personally want to express a huge thankyou to Simon Powell for showcasing his vision to us all and in doing so has created a beautiful piece of art that will forever stay with, and inspire me. But also for founding the whole Greater Manchester Film Festival. It’s exactly what Manchester needed so thank you and bring on another GMFF!

The genesis for this film was down to two experiences. 1) A woman that I love deeply and 2) Deano Small (real life person I met in Bristol). I really wanted to write and direct something that removed me from my previous film. I simply wanted to create an offbeat love story set in old Manchester, in black and white, with a tiny cast and minimum locations. The script was written over a 5 day period in the Autumn of 2011 and with a love story being the oldest story in the book and the most natural, organic feeling us humans experience, I decided to shoot against the back drop of old Manchester to support the organic nature of the tone and performances from the cast. We allowed scenes to play out like theatre in much of the film to create a natural feel and to give the actors the opportunity to breathe, be spontaneous and grow within a scene. I’m delighted with what we achieved.” – Simon Powell, Director.


Him – Sacha Darwan    Her – Rachel Austin

Her Father – Dean Andrews    Deano Small – Sean Mckenzie

Philip Sanders -Coffee Barista, Susan McArdle – Waitress, Aidan Cross-Busker, Clay Whitter – Chef, Youth One- Liam Ainsworth, Youth Two – Hannah Cowsill, Youth Three- Brittany Norburn

Director – Simon Powell

Produced by – Simon Powell (Fifty Three Degrees North Films) & Paul Hurstfield & Vikas Shah

Executive Producer and Photographer – Vikas Shah

Since the Premier back in 2012, I honestly havent stopped thinking and talking about the Girl Shaped Love Drug. I’ve tried to replay as much of it in my head as possible and to suffice my creative eye until I got the pleasure of viewing it again I have been tracking its continued success over the internet:-

6th October 2012– World Premier, GMFF.


20th December 2012 – Exclusive Sheffield Screening

2nd March 2013 Director Simon Powell, Lead Actor Sacha Dhawan and Producers Paul Hurstfield and Vikas Shah premiered the film to a sold-out audience at Cinequest 2013 in San Jose, California.

28th March 2013– screened at the Geneva (IL) International Film Festival

30th March 2013 – premieres as part of the ECU – European Independent Film Festival, Les 7 Parnassiens Grande Salle – Paris. Awarded Best European Independent Dramatic Feature.


12th May 2013 screened at the iD Fest in Derby

June 2013 screened at Albuquerque Film & Media Experience

August 2013 screened at the The Indian Independent Film Festival (TIIFF) and awarded:- “Best Film (Feature)” , “Best Script Writer (Simon Powell)”, “Best Actor (Sacha Dhawan)” , “Best Actress (Rachel Austin)”

Facebook Page PhotoSeptember 24th-29th 2013 – screened at Guam-USA International Film Festival and nominated as a finalist for the Grand Jury Award for Nest Narrative Feature . Lead Actor Sacha Dhawan was also nominated for a special achievement award in acting.

October 16th -20th 2013 screened at Orlando Film Festival

November 14th, 15th and 16th screened in Barcelona at the Auditorio Blanquema as part of the ECU Festival on tour.


It’s been over a year now and I still have the same appreciation and admiration for Girl Shaped Love Drug as I did the night I attended the World Premier in Manchester. I can’t honestly contain my excitement for the Home Coming Screening at the Cornerhouse this Sunday 12th January.

Grab your free ticket now right HERE

To everyone who is attending – you are in for a beautiful treat! And to those who can’t make this day, keep your eyes peeled for your next opportunity and get ready to grab it, you will not be disappointed!


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